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M A S S I M I L A N O    F U R N I T U R E

Back to simplicity

Finest, restrained forms and a robust quality - is this at all compatible? If you look at  Massimilano Furniture, you will see: Minimalism and stability fit together perfectly.

To combine beauty and practicality is, after all, the great art, indeed the highest claim of the furniture design. At Massimilano you celebrate this demand in perfection.

The company has strictly adhered to the minimalistic style: clear lines, black and white as a basic color, stainless steel elements, no frills that distract from the material. The materials used play a special role here, where stainless steel meets ceramics - and that is no longer the old-fashioned material we know from the tables of our grandparents.

Ceramics: the proven new discovery

Ceramic is robust, scratch and impact resistant, resistant to liquids and not least particularly light. Today, it is used as a building material for façade design, as a kitchen worktop, for bathroom design, as a floor slab and as a wall cladding, and is also becoming increasingly popular in furniture design. One of the largest manufacturers of innovative ceramic tiles is Laminam. The portfolio of Italians is used wherever ceramics are the material of choice: floor design, facade cladding, furniture construction - because of the high robustness and the diverse designs, the application possibilities are virtually infinite.

Massimilano also takes advantage of this: The furniture designers use ceramic laminates from laminam in all furniture.

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