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G R A P H I C    &    W E B    D E S I G N

A harmonious composition of image and text, and applied in various media, graphic design communicates concepts and ideas.In ANDRE VENTURA, we create distinctive, original and innovative visual solutions.We maintain consistent business partnerships with companies Graphic Print and Digitals, allowing a privileged position in terms of interaction, and better control of costs and deadlines as each project


Increasingly many companies are looking for ways to differentiate the markets while reinforcing their identities. We design places that integrate brand into physical surroundings, enrich already existing environments, creating more resonant experience for customers and employees.


A well designed website is one of the most important tools in disseminating and promoting a company, brand or business. All details must be taken into account to ensure a strong presence and deserving the trust of your visitors and users.


By developing projects of web design, we present the assumptions and concepts in an intuitive and accessible navigation, compatibility between browsers, and of course the overall aesthetics of the object created.


Our experience in communication design and corporate design, enhances the performance of a distinguished, elegant and modern product, a graphic communication comprising our largest object, our client and the success of your business

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