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We create unique environments that meet the world´s most innovative planning and design challenges. Creative, inspirational ideas guide our solutions.


​Our work inspires people while creating the future. Our projects transmit their initial purposes to express timelessness, cultural heritage and personal values.


​Our ability to connect across the international markets allows us to see the “big picture” and, because we approach design from many different angles, gives us a unique ability to innovate. We work with clients and colleagues to create exceptional spaces linking people and places. Our ideas come from a team work of many active minds and imaginations.


​We care about our clients’ needs and implement their original ideas together with our professional expertise. 


Our team understands that work has a big impact on the world. With a good knowledge of the natural environment, we protect it and enrich lives.






ANDRE VENTURA, was born in Portugal in 1985. He studied Arts, such Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Introduction of Design and after concluded his Degree in Interior and Product Design in 2007.


As a Designer, He acquired practical knowledge and developed his skills with special emphasis on product production & Concept, interior planning & concept, visual communication and marketing strategies. Some of the works were made in partnership with some factories such as glass, steel, tiles, porcelain, furniture and kitchens.


He had the opportunity to develop his skills not only as designer but also as a manager, as he was responsible for the Design Department, manage teams and worked under stressful conditions from which helped him to develop a sense of urgency, quality control and the capacity to work under pressure.

After a while, He was invited to be designer and administrator in a company where, his main duty was to develop the company brand, products and visual identity but also to plan and implement marketing strategies in order to meet the company goals. He believe these was a very important experience as he was in the company since its foundation and it allowed him to implement creative marketing strategies in conjunction with the company directors. At the same time, He performed administrative duties such as financial control, product management and built up on my customer relationship skills which allows him to understand better the costumer concerns and needs.


After one year, He started working in another company as a Design Consultant, Showroom Seller, buyer and Stock Manager. Also he usually did product research, buying, analysing sells, create different channels for selling. He had straight connection with ceramic & tiles production.


He moved to London (United Kingdom) in 2013, where he started work as Senior Designer, Production Manager and CNC Technician for one company, Interior and Furniture design Consultant for another and Graphic, Web designer and Brand Consultant as a freelancer.


In order to develop his leadership, customer service and management skills, He enrolled in courses. Was very important, because he was responsible for team management, project design and methodology and to make sure the project milestones are met on time, which allowed me to develop my project management skills.


His working experience allowed him to develop their communication, team work and leadership skills as he was always involved in multidisciplinary teams while managing multiple tasks.



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